Red Winter Trilogy

Months before I started this blog I read a trilogy that changed my life… well my routine and habits.
The Red Winter Trilogyby Annette Marie took me on journey I will never forget. It was so exciting, fantasy, adventure, action all wrapped up in romance. I immediately advise you to go out and get a copy or if you want it right now download it on Amazon.
Its three books in the trilogy (obviously) it took me only four days to finish it. It probably should have taken me two days, just shy of three but the way Annette Marie writes had the words flying off the page that I had to take breaks in between. It was all so real and happening so fast, breaks were needed for me. The second book Dark Tempest had a scene had me cutting on the lights and getting bug spray. The scene had me nearly twitching in fear.

The way the third book ended had me vibrating in joy. After I read the last word on the last page I immediately went to digging. I researched the author because I never heard of her before and found another series by her. I didn’t like her other series though, so I went back to Red Winter Trilogy and read them over again and they were just as exciting as the first time. After reading the Trilogy for the second time I read the Immortal Fire the last book in the trilogy ending six times. The ending had me shaking in excitement and happiness each time I read it.

Now when I first read Red Winter it was boring but that’s just the beginning. The first two or five chapters are boring but those chapters are really needed because I was lost on the culture and religious rituals that were important to the rest of the story. The story doesn’t get really interesting until the main character does a little rebelling.

After reading the ending so many times I was starting to memorize the words. I felt that this vaguely reminded me of my childhood. Sneaking out of bed and secretly watching Inuyasha on Adult Swim. Which is how I started watching anime again when I have previously didn’t. I told you reading those books changed my life. Once I watch all four Inuyasha movies and all the episodes I jumped around to a few anime and them until I found Fairy Tail. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the final season and hopping with all hope that my longing for Nalu will fade.

I might do a book give away to reward and attract readers to my blog. I have approximately 100 to 150 books. They are all about seven years old back when I used to read physical books. I only read what I get on my tablet now. Although I still treasure my books but they are getting dirty and dusty and they are in the way. I want other people to treasure my books as much as I have. Got the idea from Taiwo B. So I have a question for you, would you prefer I give away a book in YA or Erotica? Please leave a comment down below and I will take your reply into serious consideration. Thank you.

P.S My newest favorite author Amamda Millo has a new book out. Her latest book might just be who I review next. Stay Tuned!


Hi, I’m Suga!

my first post

I am creating this blog to share my love of books with you, more specifically my love of romance books. I plan on reviewing mostly sci-fi, paranormal and fantasy romances. I love all romances but I am currently hooked on alien romances so be prepared for aliens… and also werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, ogres, elves etc. Anything that builds a new world and has the right dash of romance might get a spotlight on here.

As a self-proclaimed expert on romance novels with more than a decade of experience reading anything related to romance I am more than confident that you can trust my personal review. I would like to review at least two books a week on Saturdays and Thursdays, although I read more than two books a week so I might review more. Unfortunately, I have other responsibilities that I have to deal with temporarily so I will only do a romance review once a week. My website is not only romance reviews but there will be advice posts about romance novels in general. Continue reading “Hi, I’m Suga!”

A short story with an undefined ending

The Princess and the boy

In the middle of nowhere sits the small town of Mirage an exact population of 1,943 people, surrounded my forest and mountains on three sides. On the eastern side set a small village called Nervina with less than 350 people. The inhabitants of the village enjoyed the view of the sea and didn’t allow people who would mistreat their beach to stay. The small town of Mirage had only one gas station, one grocery store, one hardware store, and an outdoor store that did very well because outdoor hiking and surfing was very popular in this small town.

This ordinary boring town received something fresh and exciting. A young wealthy Doctor moved to this town and worked for the small hospital. Along with his beautiful wife and adopted children.

For the first couple of months the rumors flew. The Doctor’s family was weird, why would they move to a hick town like this. Most of the people said behind their back were not good, as rumors rarely are.

That was until the beautiful doctor’s wife started volunteering, helping out in the community. She transformed the block of Main Street by having the community do a painting event where they painted the houses on Main Street. By the time the event was over the block looked like it did back when it was new.

The painting event was not the only volunteering she did. The town of Mirage who often is the ones who needed charity donations started a successful charity to give to the less fortunate. The economy started booming most of the towns people thought it was because of the doctor’s family. Others thought that one tiny family could never be the reason for a town’s economic success, no matter how wealthy their family was. One thing was certain no one thought it was the mayor or anyone else in politics.

A week after the last children of the doctor’s family graduated and the only remaining single child in the family was married. Married his high school sweetheart who is born and raised in Mirage and is just a regular ole joe like the rest of the citizens.

A couple of months later the teenage boy became a father and adopted a little girl. The rumors started flying through the town. How could a teenage boy be allowed to adopt a child and s quick? Everyone had their own theory and their own opinion and the most popular one was ‘money can buy everything’.

The adopted daughter came out of nowhere, most of the time you could see the little girl roaming the small city alone but when approached someone would always pop out, similar to a body guard. That was how she got her nickname, The Princess.

Over time the townspeople of Mirage watched The Princess grow up from afar. She didn’t go to the local school or the local events but you could always catch a glimpse of her in town, strolling through the small damp park or at the only gas station in town.

But this story isn’t about The Princess. It’s about a boy who lives in the small village next to Mirage and whether or not he let his life change for the sake of The Princess.

She came out of nowhere.

I’ve seen the adopted daughter around the village a few times and the rumor mill was busy that day. Her kind, her family were clearly not welcomed here. Our isolated villagers were cold to the townspeople but even more hostile towards her kind. You know, rich, influential pale skins.

I can’t deny that as a whole our village is racist and prejudiced but considering the problems outsiders like her kind caused us in the past. Our elders always say we will never forget their treatment of us in the past. There are some benefits we receive from the government but they are not enough, nor do they cover our mistreatment.

Even though she was clearly not welcomed she kept coming back. And before long, she started hanging out with our chief’s son and then she started hanging around the chief himself. From that day forward no one opened their lips about her. If someone asked about her you were told either two things; that she wasn’t here or that she is right over there. Ask her all the questions you like in person.

Once she started regularly visiting the village I ignored her, I was busy with school. Plus something seemed off with her, like she wasn’t right. At the time I didn’t recognize the feeling for what is was simply because how can a girl four years younger and half my size be dangerous?

I soon found out a term before I graduated and spent more than half the year learning that lesson the hard way. Just how dangerous the girl all the townspeople of Mirage and my entire village dubbed The Princess could be.


I noticed her at the beginning of my last term of high school. I had everything rapped up and ready for the Ivy League college that I would be moving to in the fall. I already aced all of my necessary classes and now I only have one class to attend to now. Talking to the teacher and letting him know of my situation he gave me all the four months of work up front and I was able to complete the work in two weeks.

With nothing better to do then relax and work part time at the only store in our village, my eyes wandered. And they always fell on her. At first I didn’t think it was a problem. Working in such a small store there is nothing to do but people watch.

Whenever she came in the store my eyes just followed her naturally. Her short legs looked longer than they were because she is always walking around in thigh high socks and short shorts… in the dead of winter.

Then she came in wearing tight jeans with no jacket, knocking the snow from her hair. Time slowed, the snow falling around her sparkling under the fluorescent lights, her wavy dark hair falling around her and I swear that the hard core rock station on the radio must have been playing soft harp music because the music was suddenly surrounding her.

My eyes couldn’t help but follow her as she picked out random snacks and made herself a drink at the fountain. Fair skin with dark flowing hair that made her skin seems fairer. And instead of walking she gracefully danced with each step as the harp played softly in the background, drawing closer to me.

Standing across the counter from me the music screeched to a halt as the sound of glass breaking and the hard core rock music filled the store again.

“Hey dicks for brains hand me a bag.” My mouth parted slightly in shock. Not allowing me time to respond she interrupts my stuttering.

“I’m sorry; did I destroy your fantasy? Here, this should make up for it.” She pulled the low neckline of her shirt down even further, showing me pale plump cleavage resting beautifully in the black lacy bra she had on.

My eyes hardened and jerked right back to her eyes, glaring at her. Her dull brown eyes sparked to life for a few seconds before returning to normal. I do not like being teased and she does not like being glared at.

I wasn’t able to answer her back because the store owner sent me to the back to catalogue some items. I was too shocked to move quickly and I watched as he bagged all of her items up without ringing them and she left sucking on a lollipop.

Our eyes met briefly as she was leaving the store. Her eyes they were brown, regular dull brown but they were expressive. Once our eyes met I seen confused hostility in them before she walked out the glass door.

I am quickly pulled out of my shock when pain explodes over my head from the store owner hands.

“Are you just going to stand there all day or do what I say?” Mumbling an apology as a reply I retreat to the storage room. Before I can get into the thick of it he gives out a vague warning.

“Boy you shouldn’t let your eyes wander so much.” I nodded my head in agreement. Not understanding it for what it was a warning to stay away from danger.

Whenever she came into the store I would turn down the radio and watch her respectfully from the video feed in the store. Quietly bag her items without ringing them up. The store owner never explained why she never paid for her snacks and I only asked once.

As soon as she had her bagged items, I would busy myself as she walked out the door, never once dropping my polite smile or looking into her eyes. There was a time when she came back before walking out the door. Ruffling my hair like a dog and a smile that drew focus to her high cheek bones; “What a stupid obedient boy you are.”

And then she left the store with me feeling hostile and confused.

At a bonfire my village held in celebration of the late New Year I was accosted by none other than the chief’s son. Big, tall, with muscles popping out of everywhere instead of looking like our future chief he looked more like a gang banger.

He approached me with purpose while I was sitting on a log near the fire, leaving no chance for escape. Tilting my head back to look at him, I couldn’t really see much sense his back was to the fire and his face is covered in shadows. The silence in between us was intense, so intense that the people around us felt it and everything got quieter.

“Boy!” the way he addressed me was so insulting that I glazed over the warning he gave me. “You are treading in dangerous water. Your smart, anint’cha? Think about what you are doing; where you are headed in life. This ain’t the path you want to take boy. Stay away from The Princess.”

The Princess? What does she have to do with this? I stopped staring at her while she is in the store. Yeah I would see her while she is outside of the store and my eyes would follow her but that’s normal. Everyone stares at The Princess. SHE’S NOT NORMAL! She wears inappropriate clothing no matter the weather and acts inappropriately with everyone she meets.

Before I could think of a reply to the threat for the intimidating man in front of me we are interrupted by none other than The Princess herself. Wearing shorts that made her legs look longer than they were and her long hair covered most of her almost nonexistent shirt.

“Forgive him, the chief’s son isn’t really as smart as he think he is. He’s actually a people person.” The soft smile dropped quickly to reveal an evil smirk. “How annoying.”

With one hand The Princess pushed the chief’s son backwards and standing in between us. They had a private conversation with their eyes before he backed away. Turning away from him she took my hand leading me away from the bonfire.

“Please don’t.” The chief’s son pleaded with her.

“I wasn’t. Not until you interfered. I mean, he is not even that cute.” Then we disappeared. She led me into the dark woods and just when I am about to pull away she turns towards me.

Her hands trail from my shoulders to my neck pulling me down closer to her. I register her tongue invading my mouth before her cold lips press against mine. I never really kissed a girl before but I didn’t imagine it like this, with her tongue being the dominant one.

Grabbing her shoulder I push her back and then pull her into a friendly embrace. I haven’t been rejected but I know it hurts or at least uncomfortable.

“I am sorry I just don’t feel that way about you, so I am unable to return your feelings.” Nose buried in her long wavy hair she smells so good. What I just said might not be the whole truth.

Her response is surprising, she laughs. Not a soft awkward laugh to cover up being rejected but a real laugh. It’s a low unsophisticated laugh, it’s kind of beautiful.

“Good, because I don’t like you either.” Her hand travels in between us and grabs my dick which is sporting a chub. Pushing her back I try to back away quickly but she grabs my hand.

“I only kissed you cause I am frustrated at them. Please don’t go. I know it was wrong so I won’t do it again.” The Princess voice is soft and under the moonlight I could tell her eyes are cast down.

“Don’t act all sweet when you just fondled my dick! That’s called sexual harassment.” I raised my voice in astonishment and exasperation. How can such a cute girl sound so sweet after fondling a person that just rejected her?

“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I just had to confirm that you were demi-sexual. The only other option would be that you were a eunuch and trust me you wouldn’t want me to find that out after I wasted my time on you.”

The sweet girl disappeared and The Princess I am familiar with appeared. Taking a step back I gestured with my hands in the negative.

“No no no I only like girls.”

“Man you are stupid, how could they think that I would go after you? You are way too easy. Demi-sexual means that you won’t have sex with somebody unless you know them.”

Well I couldn’t deny that but my face scrunched up at her insult towards me. This being our first real conversation and this is her third time insulting me.

“I am not stupid, actually I am quite intelligent. I’m going to Princeton next fall, full scholarship.” I say proudly. Of course everyone knows that, it was posted in the newspaper and all over social media in our village and in Mirage.

“For your intelligence or because you are a minority?” Eyes blinking at her audacity.

“Does it matter?”

“I mean yeah because if…” She had her head back looking at the moon and stars through the tree branches and turned her head towards me at my question. Seeing how insulted I am on my face she stops speaking.

“I didn’t mean to insult you; such thin skin” She mumbled that last part under her breath. “Let me buy you dinner at the Diner, but don’t fall in love with me. That will only annoy me.”

I was about to tell her no out of sheer spite of her arrogance but she stopped me.

“I can tell from the taste of your mouth that you haven’t eaten anything. The Diner has way better food than barely warmed hot dogs and sandy marshmallows.” The blood is rushing to my face at her first statement.

“No matter what you do the marshmallows are always sandy, blocking them from the wind never helps and even straight out of the bag and directly into your mouth it’s sandy.”

The Princess laughs and walks away. I reluctantly follow her, not wanting to leave a girl alone in the woods.

“You are so adorable, in this bright moonlight I can easily tell you are blushing, and trying to change the subject. Get in.”

The car in front of us snaps me back to reality. It’s her car, a last year luxury Lexus shinning in the dark, bright red of course. As if it wasn’t flashy enough. All the vague warnings come back to me that I shouldn’t let my eyes to wander.

Unknown to me, my eyes have wandered too far. This girl is not part of the same circle- no reality I am in. No one drives cars like this and hide them in the woods unseen, especially in a small town like this.

My head starts shaking no before I fully realize I need to leave.

“Come on, get in! I am hungry and I said I was going to buy you dinner… Plus I got some advice for you for surviving the Ivy League colleges.”

I don’t know what made me get into that car that night but it sure changed a lot. The path I was on took a detour and I didn’t even know it at the time.

At the Diner we ordered our food and she ordered vodka neat. And the waitress didn’t laugh her out of the store and served The Princess with a smile and a kiss.

“How old are you?” She looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Clearly not old enough to be served alcoholic beverages, not to have a car or a driver’s license… in your eyes at least.” I just sat there in disbelief at her; wondering if she really is real. “To me age doesn’t matter. I want to accomplish things in life and I won’t let petty things like age stand in my way.”

That sounds gallant but she just broke so many different laws.

“The thing about Ivy League schools is that everything is a big competition, and you won’t make it if start off on day one.” The advice The Princess gave me was solid, insulting but solid. She had a PhD under her belt but it was from Harvard.

She never stepped foot in the classroom but she ranked first in all of her classes. My confidence dropped a little at that. One of my main attractions is my good grades and intelligence but compared to her I am a monkey throwing poop.

The Princess had trouble with her thesis but she graduated three years ago, right around the time she started hanging out freely in our village. This made sense, kind of… a little.

When asked what she was doing now her one word reply stumped me and then as it sunk in it scared me mostly.

“Conquering.” Tipping the glass up I watched as the liquid disappeared in her mouth. The waitress was by her side before she could set the glass down refilling it.

Once the glass is refilled I put my hand up in a stopping motion to the waitress. “That will be her last one, thank you. And can you please bring her some water please.”

“So politics?”

“No, not quite. Although that is a part of it.” The meal in front of me is done, nothing but scrapes and her meal is almost finished too. It surprised me that she ate so much nearly to meals.

The Princess hand flies up and signal for the check. From out of her pocket she pulls out a stack of cash that’s almost as big as my fist. She smacks two twenties on the table and then a hundred dollar bill on top of it as well.

Not only am I freaking out about the huge stack of cash she just pulled out and none of them are ones but she over paid for our meal. Both of our meals together our only twenty bucks, that plus tip forty dollars should be more than enough to cover it. Let alone that extra hundred she casually placed there.

“What are you doing?” She looks at me then nods her head. Okay good, she is listening to me.

“Your right, that pretty lady needs the extra hundred for staring at your mug for this long.” The Princess proceeds to place another hundred on the table. Is she insane? Who pays $240 for a greasy meal in a crappy diner?

Just as I am about to pick up the hundred dollar bills a hand comes down forcefully on the money. The waitress glares at me with the stink eye.

“Boy! The Princess knows what she’s doing.” She gives The Princess a kiss on the cheek before picking up the money. A whispered thank you is heard before she leaves.

The said Princess has her drink t her lips hiding her smile. “I thought she was going to hit you. You would have been a dead man if you’d touched that money. Come on, let’s go home.”

She tossed the rest of her drink back and the waitress came over again as The Princess stood up. The waitress hands wandered over her body in an overly sexual manner that stopped abruptly once the keys are presented to me. She shakes the keys at me.

“How stupid can you be? Obviously The Princess can’t drive herself back home.” She throws the keys at me. The Princess leads the way swaying to a song in her head.

I haven’t been called stupid sense primary school and yet I’ve been called stupid multiple times tonight by three different people. Thinking on it I might be stupid or doing stupid things. I am driving a very expensive car to a semi-known location with an inebriated rich white girl. If I were to get pulled over they would immediately throw me in jail without any questions; mostly because it’s obvious that we don’t belong in the same rank.

“The cops wouldn’t dare pull this car over especially once they run the tag. If they would I have their ass. You could go a little faster now.” The seat is let back and I thought she was sleep. Her head rolls loosely towards me.

“I don’t really know where you live at. You are going to need to give me directions soon.” We are on a long road leading out of the city of Mirage, forests on both sides of us.

“This small town, everyone knows where everyone lives even if you don’t want to.” Her eyes open fully.

“That’s true but you live outside of town…” The feel of her stare is nerve wracking, especially when I am driving on a cold night like this. “I heard that the turn off into your driveway is so obscure that no one would ever find it unless they are invited in.”

The feeling of her stare disappears as she murmurs her agreement. The beginning of her driveway is surrounded by thick trees and just enough space for a car to get through. I wander how they keep from scratching the paint on their new cars.

The driveway is long and of course the house is a mansion. I am not surprised at all. It’s a very beautiful house. I am only hopping a little that they are close to being bankrupt and about to lose their house and that money she is flashing around is the only money she has to live on for the entire year.

I might be a little resentful towards their wealth. The lights come on and the door opens. Someone must have been waiting for her. Good, that means I can leave… but how?

Getting out I walk up to the open door but no one is there. Stepping inside the door her father appears. He stands over me by a few inches and with a serious expression on his face.

“Go get my daughter, don’t enter the house without her.” I turn right around and go get her. Opening the car door I wondered why my body reacted so fast to his command. He is taller than me and what the ladies in town say is true. He is as handsome as movie star.

The Princess is not getting up. When I shake her the only reaction I get is a belch that she doesn’t even bother to open her mouth for. I can’t leave her right here, her father is waiting on us.

Bending down I somehow maneuver her onto my back, piggybacking her to the doorstep. Her father doesn’t bat an eyelash at the situation. All he does is point at the stairs.

“Her room is on the third floor to the right.” He had a computer bag over his shoulder and keys in his hand.

“Hey um where are you going?”

“I need to get home to my wife now that I know my daughter is safe.”

“You don’t liv here?” Her father hand glazed over her cheek then patted her long hair down.

“No this is her grandfather’s house. I live close by though. I wish I could take her home but at last she isn’t sober.” His hand falls away and he closes the door behind him. I still don’t have a way home.

Walking up three flights of stairs with The Princess on my back; I almost thought I wouldn’t make it. Dumping her on the bad I fall down beside it as my muscles give out.

Once I catch my breath I stand up. I guess it’s time to go home now. If I start walking home now it should be morning by the time I get home. Man I hope no predators are hungry tonight.

Any movement I was about to make is stopped by a pair off short legs wrapped securely around me. I thought The Princess was unconscious, looking down she has one eye open staring at me.

Pulling my hand I fall clumsily on her and the bed. She lets out a soft moan of pain before she tightens her grip on me. “Stay, I don’t want you to leave.”

I ignore her and her drunken rambling and try my best to get up. I struggle for five minutes before I give up and wait till she falls asleep and let me go.

I see the door move and a dark figure creep across the room towards us. I am in bed with a drunken underage rich white girl; my body isn’t going to be found. I don’t know what to do. I can’t escape because she still has a death grip on me. Doing the only thing I can think of I close my eyes with the off chance that he will just see us sleeping innocently and leave us alone but most likely because I am a chicken and don’t want to see my death coming.

“Hey Boy,” He whispers softly to me. “My shift at the hospital starts at six in the morning. I will wake you up at five so that I can take you home before I leave for work ok.”

My eyes pop open at my knight in shining armor words. The beautiful grandfather is peering over the bed with a friendly but creepy smile on his face. The only reason why his smile is creepy is because it’s dark and he is standing over me and his granddaughter while we are in bed. Beauty must run rampant in the family.

Unable to keep my mouth shut I just had to ask the burning question.

“Why aren’t you freaking out that I am in the bed with your granddaughter?”

“Because you’re her prey. Now go to sleep we have to wake up early in the morning.” After that he left and I eventually fell asleep with The Princess snuggling closer to me.

The grandfather woke me up the next morning with The Princess plastered to as close as possible. He didn’t bat an eye lash just placed a piece of bacon by her head and she finally let me go for the bacon. She ate it while she was still sleeping.

He took me for breakfast before he dropped me off at the road to my village. We talked on the way there, it was nice. The grandfather is nice if not a little strange but everybody who knows The Princess is a little strange to me.

I fell asleep as soon as I got home and my head hit the pillow. It was nice in a unusual way to cuddle with a girl while sleeping but now I get as much cover as I want and don’t have to sleep uncomfortably in my shoes and jeans.

“Boy! Hey Boy wake up!” Turning over I try my best to go back to sleep when something hit’s me in the head. Sitting up I glare at the culprit only to find it’s The Princess crouching in my window with the sunlight behind her.

Blinking, I rub my eyes to make sure they weren’t playing trick on me but she is still there. My hand comes down on an empty coffee cup with a funny logo.

Months later…

That was when I knew that my path had already been altered. She started showing up every day hanging around me until it was I who was the one to seek her.

In front of the main building of the Princeton College I am staring at the same funny coffee logo from that day and honestly… I regret nothing. That’s probably why everyone calls me stupid now.

It’s 7:50 in the morning and the first day of classes will begin soon. Everyone is bustling about trying to find their class. My feet won’t move.

I am lost. What did she call it? Oh yeah The Princess called it a crossroads. The life I had planned for myself is in front of me, Princeton College. But what I want out of life has changed. I want to take a different path, an unknown path. And the Uber waiting behind me represents that.


Fairy Tail: Anime, Manga, Fanfiction

Lately I haven’t been reading regular novels. I got caught up in a fictional world & shipping a couple that are mainly just friends that I absolutely couldn’t bare to let go. So I wound up giving in to a big weakness of mine and reading fanfiction for the almost non-existent couple. Yes, I read fanfiction stories but I try not to because most of the stories are horrible and mostly I just waste my time looking on there, but the story I found filled all my hopes and dreams for the couple.

Finished binge watching Fairy Tail anime about a week ago, to watch every episode it took about two weeks. With over 250 episodes, a movie, a 12 episode spinoff, and OVA episodes it was a lot to watch but with me being greedy I immediately wanted more. There is a second movie coming out and it already hit theaters and it supposedly came out on DVD/Blu-Ray November 17 2017 in Japan but the release date for my area is still unknown. I am really excited for this movie to become available in the U.S. Until then I couldn’t get the main characters out of my head, Natsu and Lucy.

NaluFairy Tail the manga and the anime, is about a wizard guild named Fairy Tail and the story follows Lucy who teams up with Natsu, Happy the cat, Gray, and Erza as they go on jobs to pay Lucy rent. They have dozens of exciting adventures that showcase their camaraderie in their trust for not only each other but in Fairy Tail as a whole. Everyone in their guild has spent time together fighting each other and also fighting for the same cause, building stronger friendships. Although Lucy and Natsu are close there is nothing romantic about it, except for one hilarious time when Natsu asked Lucy to dig a whole and she got the wrong idea. Lucy I believed was open to the idea of being romantically involved with Natsu but as usual Natasu was as clueless as ever. In the OVA they are much more forward with Natsu and Lucy relationship with Natsua being off kilter by Lucy come-ons even though their relationship are deeper than in regular episodes. In the OVAs they are much more forward with Gray and Juvia’s, Levy & Gajeel, and also Jellal & Ezra relationships as well. I guess because they are a shounen anime they can’t really focus that much on romance to keep true to the story. Even without the romance it’s still a riveting story.

The anime has yet to be completed but the manga is completed. The manga has 545 chapters and I am currently on chapter 137 and I can tell you for sure that the anime is better than the manga, mostly because they add a little more dialogue to the anime and the music in the anime get you more emotionally involved doing big showdowns and emotional times. Hearing Lucy cry like a total crybaby in sorrow and relief is way better then reading “Waah waah waah”.

With the new movie Fairy Tail Dragon Cry being so close but so far away I turned to my biggest weakness so far, Fanfiction. At first I read a couple of one-shot pieces of romantic fluff pieces and they were nice but they only tickled the deep itch that is becoming my NaLu Fairy Tail obsession. Then I hit the jackpot, when I ran across 53 thousand word romantic NaLu story.

A Dragon’s Damsel by SingedByDragons is everything I want in a romantic story. First the unmistakable bond between two people, a slight love rival, a little jealousy, rules for the bond between the bonded pair, a general rule book to guide them on their love for each other, and of course a deeper plot that showcases the depths they would go for their love for each other. Of course, I rarely find all of this in romance novels; I guess they are not acceptable in publishers or regular audience eyes, but for me these stories are perfect. These stories are similar to the Princess Bride which I absolutely love. And watch over and over.

SingedByDragons has a sequel to this story called A Damsel No More. After I am done with this post I am going to immediately start reading it. SingedByDragons also kept true to the anime and didn’t veer off course to much from the anime, which is rare because fanfiction allows you to get crazy and explore to your creative content with published authors characters and worlds.  I recommend you start reading and watching the Fairy Tale anime and manga and after you are done read this fanfiction. The fanfiction A Dragon’s Damsel is well written with only a few grammar mistakes but you can find those in published books also. Warning this fanfiction is completed but the sequel is not, I have been waiting almost a decade for some my favorite fanficton stories to be completed. Some fanfiction get completed but take years to complete and others are just completely abandoned leaving the unfinished stories to drive me insane.

Daughter of the Everstar

Toni is alone in life when she made a wish upon her grandmothers well. With that wish burst forth the Bright Queen and she granted Toni the opportunity to grant the wish herself. The Bright Queen transported her to a new world- ahem forgive me a new realm where magic is but a fawn memory. Toni is placed there to save Ronan, their world and its people.

I honestly don’t think I should be giving a review since I could only finish half the book and it might seem like I have only bad things to say but I have so much to say and I don’t want to hold it in any longer. Once I read the synopsis for this book I was thinking this is going to be a fun read because it had everything that I like in a book, magic, sci-fi, adventure, ménage, and most importantly romance.

It had all of these things but the author’s writing style is just so horrible and annoying! The author went on & on about the landscape and details about nothing; overly describing simple things like phrases and slang. She went into excellent details about minor things that I know didn’t pertain to the rest of the story. The author chose to skip over the getting to know you part of the romance to focus on the journey home. And there was two times where they were attacked on the journey but it was told in Toni’s point of view so there was no action only a worried sideline view.

The book is told mostly in first person from Toni point of view. Now to explain Toni, she is like two opposite personalities shoved into one character and it doesn’t fit. One personality is confident, speaks her mind, and is polite. The other personality is shy, timid, a liar, with the ability to be rude. And the way the author tries to mix these two contrasting personalities into one character is atrocious.

It mostly comes out in the way she interacts with other characters in the book. Toni asks in a polite roundabout way, which takes forever. It took Toni nearly two pages to ask for kiss. After the lackluster kiss scene I called it quits and wasn’t able to finish the book.

Toni is supposed to be nice but I viewed her as being hoity-toity, contradictory and un-relatable as a main character. She has no faults, absolutely nothing I can relate to. Definitely not a round character but a square.

The one and probably only good aspect of this book is the plot. The plot is really good and the world building is fine, it’s just that the writing style is horrible and I disliked the main character. The writing style kind of reminded me of my own style of writing, which I am trying to improve.

Even though I dislike this book and couldn’t finish it, I would like for you to read and if you can finish it and tell me if you agree or disagree with me, your likes and dislikes. If you already read this book please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. Here is the link to learn more about the author & Daughter of the Everstar.

I did not get paid to endorse this book or author.


Dragon’s Gift

Dragon’s Gift is a fantasy romance like I haven’t read in a while. Filled with warlocks, dragons, elves, and gods; Dragon’s Gift took me to a different world where the sexism against women live and thrive.
I was really excited to be transported back in time to where everybody didn’t have instant ways of communication and where they had to ride horses, walk, or sprout wings and fly.
Dareena is a bar maid working in a tavern and it looks like her only option in life is to marry her old decrepit boss. Let him crawl on top of her a few nights for less than a decade and then she can be the owner of the tavern when he dies. Like any young female in her prime though that crotchety wrinkly old bastard crawling on top of her once makes bile rise to the back of her throat, but with so few options that might be her only shot.
With the Dragon’s Hunt festival coming up she decides to put the decisions for the future on hold and enjoy the festival and her daring red gown.
Unexpectedly her life is changed forever when she is one of the chosen three as the potential Dragon’s Gift. She is further surprised and torn when she is the Dragon’s Gift and have to choose between the handsome dragon princes Drystan, Alistair and Lucyan and whoever she decides takes the thrown and her hand.
Drystan is dutiful and responsible, best suited to rule, while Lucyan is cunning or if you want to be more political an enigmatic strategist and Alistair is the calm between his two unbending brothers. The relationship between the brothers is strong and unbreakable and even though they are in competition for the thrown they won’t allow it to damage their relationship.
Dareena gets to know the Princes one at a time and each day she spends with them wraps her further in their arms. Each has their unique personalities and unique strengths and weaknesses. As Dareena spends more time and their presence the more her emotions tell her that each Prince is perfect in their own way.
Dragon’s Gift is an amazing fantasy novel layered with romance and hot loving. I recommend you pick up a copy today because the second book is coming out soon.
Please download Dragon’s Gift today and check out the amazing authors pages May Sage and JasmineWalt.
I was not paid to endorse this book or authors.

Zorvak’s Rescue: Compatibles

Camilla crash landed on a lawless planet and trying her best to survive which leads her to betting her only two credits on a death match. Desperate to get off the horrible planet she converses with the voice in her head telling her to free her.
This book is a stand-alone book but it is part of the Azziarin world/series. I was a little confused about the word compatibles however, that was explained a little late. So yeah it was a standalone but I suggest you start at the beginning of the series. It was a great book beautifully written.
The prologue started very intense and then it went to the first chapter which explained how she became the first female pilot for deep space mission. This got me high and excited only for me to drop from excitement almost immediately while she boringly explained how and when she got accepted.
Zaorvaks Rescue is mainly a sci-fi/action book sprinkled with romance until the end until you thrown into the happily ever after then you get it shoved down your throat.
I honestly didn’t like it mainly because of how the romance in the book is described in the book. There wasn’t a lot of romance, which is perfectly understandable when creepy guys with claw-tipped dicks want to brutally gang rape you and consistently trying to escape from the awful world you crashed landed on. The few sweet moments were passable but I wouldn’t want to read it again.
If you like science fiction and action sprinkled with a little love I would recommend this book, but first start at the beginning of the Azziarin series. Zorvak’s Rescue is the only book I have read in the Azziarin series but I suggest with any standalone book that is part of the same world you start at the beginning because after a while authors get a little lazy and don’t explain everything.
Here is a link to the Zorvak’s Rescue and Hannah Davenport other work, including sneak peaks.
I was not paid to endorse this book or author.

His Human Slave: Zandian Masters

Open scene to a refugee species who are struggling to get back to take back their home planet. The Zandians are juggling more than just getting their home back. They are dealing with their people becoming instinct, with no women of birthing age they have to find the next best thing. As the prince and only royal left he has to continue their species and royal lineage.
Prince Zander genes will best continue his race with Lamira, a lowly human garden slave.
Lamira is happy with her lowly job as a slave working with agriculture. She loves working with plants and it also limits her interaction with the guards, at least it better than being a sex slave.
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