The Khyma: Taken Part One By Poppy Rhys

The scene is set when a best friend duo, Willa and Tosh hit the scene and steal themselves hired guns better known as Khymas the protectors. The first step of many crossed lines Willa will do to get her stolen family heirloom back.
Kyran and his pack brothers (Khymas) are meant to protect Willa. Fortunately for them Willa can and will fight her own battles. “Owning” people goes against Willa moral code so she assuages her guilt by taking care of the pack of Khymas under her care. And when late night rolls around she takes one special pack member Kyran under her wing.

As she goes along trying to get back her family heirloom she and Kyran grow closer together.

This book is action packed from start to finish. I would recommend this book for fun reading, because it was fun reading this book. If you hear a but in the last sentence it’s because you are right. This book is lacking any type of literature depth. Poppy Rhys went into details about the Khymas, which is great but she should have used those details in different scenes in the book. Rhys explained how they had a great sense of smell that they can smell emotions and track a scent through an ongoing storm but didn’t have them use it. I am really disappointed that she didn’t use the Khymas more in a fighting sense. Neither did Rhys have a huge fight scene for the Khymas except for a tiny part in the beginning with the peacekeepers. Willa and Tosh did most of the fighting which is good for her bad ass heroine but not so much Kyran, the leading male role. If she had even out the fight scenes to include the Khymas or Kyran more it wouldn’t have degraded their value in my eye. Now on a subconscious level I am thinking “Is the Kyran or the Khymas really a big deal”?

The Khyma: Taken Part One is the fourth book in the Women of Dor Nye series. The Incuabri: Taken Part Two is out already and I am looking forward to the next book despite the not so great things I had to say about The Khyma: Taken Part One, because this was a fun enjoyable read.

Please get a copy today and immerse yourself in the world of Women of Dor Nye by Poppy Rhys. Here is an Amazon link to the book, The Khyma: Taken Part One 

And if you want to check out previous works from Poppy Rhys check out her goodreads page, Poppy Rhys

Or if you already read it tell me what you thought about the book, whether you agreed with my review or not, leave a comment.

I was not paid to endorse this book.

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