The Nicest Nightmare

Imagine waking up, held captive in a room with an unknown alien, being prodded with a huge stick like you are road kill on an abandoned street. Of course the first reaction would be instinctual, defend yourself from the unknown would-be attacker. Only upon opening your eyes you see a frightened weak human alien showing off “the goods” in a skimpy negligée. 

Major Spoiler Alert

The situation only gets worse when Alzan realizes that the human alien is just another casualty in somebody sick games, when gas is pumped into the room to stop him from killing her.

Upon waking again he feels deeply ashamed and regretful of his actions and explains this to Tosh, the frightened weak human alien that was very rudely poking him in his sleep.

Tosh woke up in the same situation, except her forced roommate isn’t a frightened weak human but a scary as balls, something dragged from the deepest pits of hell to scare everyone and their mama, Incutan alien. Forced to act civilized to make a horrible situation semi-bearable she plays nice or what she considers nice, by screaming at him that he is not allowed to eat her.

As the days drag on in their captivity Tosh reluctantly gets to know Alzan and realizes how kind and gentle he is as a person, despite his exoskeleton and his nightmarish looks.

Tosh and Alzan kidnapper Francis pops up and inform them of the roles they will be playing in his evil schemes to take over Atomin her home planet, with Tosh being the hit man and Alzan being her accomplice to assassinate the Emperor. If they don’t comply he will not only kill them but everyone they know and love. Francis is the cookie cutter evil villain.

Being set free on a nightmarish version of a little girl dream world with pink grass and pink trees along with acid spitting rainbow beetles and monstrous plant life. Tosh barely survives the night on that awful planet with rescue coming just in time to save her life.

When they arrived at her home planet Atomin there is a whirlwind of activity and emotions. Being separated from her family and friends take a backseat to being separated from the man she spent days trapped with. After their exxxplosive and emotional reunion she has to come to terms with killing the Emperor who is like an uncle to her and who have done so much for her family.

I absolutely love this book, from the first word to the last word. The exciting dips and turns and the emotional curves throughout the whole book; there was never a dull moment.

The only annoying thing in the whole book is the Wenden, whose name is Francis who is a cookie cutter villain. I dislike him but the good kind of dislike, the dislike reserved for villain.

Francis is the too smart evil villain that is a thousand steps ahead of everyone. That somehow ends up beautifully manipulating everything and everyone to his will, like he has a roadmap of the future and knows how to make new pathways.

I definitely recommend you to read this book. The ending had me had me on the edge of my seat asking for more of the women of Dor Nye. I almost want my own nice nightmarish alien… almost.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, please go and download The Incuabri: Taken Part Two. I was not paid to endorse this book. Please like and leave a comment

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