His Human Slave: Zandian Masters

Open scene to a refugee species who are struggling to get back to take back their home planet. The Zandians are juggling more than just getting their home back. They are dealing with their people becoming instinct, with no women of birthing age they have to find the next best thing. As the prince and only royal left he has to continue their species and royal lineage.
Prince Zander genes will best continue his race with Lamira, a lowly human garden slave.
Lamira is happy with her lowly job as a slave working with agriculture. She loves working with plants and it also limits her interaction with the guards, at least it better than being a sex slave.

Until she is brought not as a sex slave but a breeder, it’s like a sex slave but with a baby at the end.
But after a few days with Zander it’s not that bad she even began to enjoy her new life. Her new master is nice and the sex is crazy good.
Before I recommend this book, I have to warn you. This is an erotica layered with romance. It’s a good story, a great story even. It’s just you have to know what you are getting into before you do. It has BDSM theme, you know sex with punishment, sex over wooden stool, sex with shackles and then more sex sex sex sex. There was a lot of sex in this book if you haven’t figured it out by now but there is a plot and it is a good plot. I am looking forward to the next book.
If you like erotica with a BDSM theme, hot spankings and an alien master with a huge dick layered with romance I would definitely recommend you pick up this book immediately. Wait, I would also recommend you read it in you spare alone time.
This book was seriously hot, download His Human Slave on amazon here. And check out Renee Rose other works here.
I was not paid to endorse this book.

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