Call me Suga!

If you can’t tell by now, I am southern. I try very hard not to write “ya’ll” even though I say it multiple times a day.

A few things about me. I am an aspiring writer, with two and half unpublished books under me that will never see the light of day. I am currently working on one of my books. I am in the process of getting my Real Estate license along with learning how to code. 


What I do for fun The only thing I do for fun is read. I lose days even weeks to reading and maybe I should be ashamed but I love it. I only have one genre I read and that is Romance. Having chocolate and a nice comfy bed to cozy into as I follow lovers on their adventures is my ideal day. Most days I don’t even need food.

The one thing that get me though is having to pause to look for more books instead of just diving into another new world. That’s a major reason why I created this site. So an adventure is just around the corner.