No Ratings

Why I Don’t Have a Rating System

no ratingsThe reason why I don’t have a rating system is because giving a rating lower than a two out of five stars I will never do. A book could be seriously the worst thing I ever read and I would probably give it three out of five stars because I will judge it based off of the only two things I liked in the book.

The whole point of giving a review is not for the author’s sake but for the customers and helping them choose if the product is worth it. And sense my rating don’t combine with other customers it does not give a broad or clear judgment of the book.

Plus ratings only need a glance to judge it. We already judge books by their cover and I don’t think unexplained or undeserved ratings will be helpful. Don’t get me wrong now, I rely on ratings on goodreads and amazon when I am searching for a new book but usually I just mainly depend on the synopsis and the three and higher star reviews.

The length of my review matters to me, a review being over 500 words is too much for me. I would rather just read the book then read a book about a book. My reviews will tend to be 250 to 500 words but not over that limit though.

Instead of giving a rating and a long review I try my best to give honest precise reviews. Explaining all the reasons why I liked and disliked the book and if I recommend that others read it as well. This will probably change once I become affiliated with an organization or someone else.


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