Zorvak’s Rescue: Compatibles

Camilla crash landed on a lawless planet and trying her best to survive which leads her to betting her only two credits on a death match. Desperate to get off the horrible planet she converses with the voice in her head telling her to free her.
This book is a stand-alone book but it is part of the Azziarin world/series. I was a little confused about the word compatibles however, that was explained a little late. So yeah it was a standalone but I suggest you start at the beginning of the series. It was a great book beautifully written.
The prologue started very intense and then it went to the first chapter which explained how she became the first female pilot for deep space mission. This got me high and excited only for me to drop from excitement almost immediately while she boringly explained how and when she got accepted.
Zaorvaks Rescue is mainly a sci-fi/action book sprinkled with romance until the end until you thrown into the happily ever after then you get it shoved down your throat.
I honestly didn’t like it mainly because of how the romance in the book is described in the book. There wasn’t a lot of romance, which is perfectly understandable when creepy guys with claw-tipped dicks want to brutally gang rape you and consistently trying to escape from the awful world you crashed landed on. The few sweet moments were passable but I wouldn’t want to read it again.
If you like science fiction and action sprinkled with a little love I would recommend this book, but first start at the beginning of the Azziarin series. Zorvak’s Rescue is the only book I have read in the Azziarin series but I suggest with any standalone book that is part of the same world you start at the beginning because after a while authors get a little lazy and don’t explain everything.
Here is a link to the Zorvak’s Rescue and Hannah Davenport other work, including sneak peaks.
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His Human Slave: Zandian Masters

Open scene to a refugee species who are struggling to get back to take back their home planet. The Zandians are juggling more than just getting their home back. They are dealing with their people becoming instinct, with no women of birthing age they have to find the next best thing. As the prince and only royal left he has to continue their species and royal lineage.
Prince Zander genes will best continue his race with Lamira, a lowly human garden slave.
Lamira is happy with her lowly job as a slave working with agriculture. She loves working with plants and it also limits her interaction with the guards, at least it better than being a sex slave.
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Draekon Heart: Exiled to the Prison Planet

Ryanna Dickson has been through some hard times. Stranded on a prison planet with no way to get home is just fine with her. There is no one back on earth that she would miss and starting over someplace new sounds good to her. The only thing she has sworn off men and eight packed abs in loincloths surround her each and every day.
Now it’s hard to resist that kind of temptation but resist it she does. Well until she gives in so slowly that before she knows it she is mated to two Draekon aliens, Thrax and Zorux.
Draekon Heart is a definite good read. Ryanna, Thrax, and Zorux were an enjoyable couple to follow along as they discovered themselves and each other. Ryanna was hilarious, especially her inner mind monologues.
I am looking to the third book in the series which is coming out sometime this winter. I wasn’t going to say this because of spoilers but I didn’t even think of how the dragons were treating the women, you know being kind, respectful, and welcoming the women into their small only male village. Even sharing their limited supplies in the dry season. I just thought they were all just nice really respectful aliens. That the Draekon gene mutation replaced the testerone gene that made all men pigs or dogs and turned them into powerful Dragons that are respectful to all ladies. Turns out I was wrong, big time. We will find out just how wrong I am when the third book comes out. Until then make sure you read Draekon Heart.

Draekon Fire: Exiled to the Prison Planet

Draekon Fire is the second book in the Dragons in exhile series and the third one is already out and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

This book is (m/f/m) ménage where it is all about the female, which I adore, because I am greedy & selfish. The authors Lili Zander and Lee Savino take the reader on an amazing sci-fi journey on a planet hostile to humans. Intertwined in the wondrous journey is way to help a powerful race of abandoned Draekon not only finding their mates but to free them from oppression.
Harper Boyd is the annoying heroine in the story. We caught a glimpse of her in the first book and she is rough around the edges but it got so much worse when she woke up from a coma and told there was no possibility to go home to Earth. And she immediately tried to reject the two hunky guys by her bedside.
Dennox and Vulrux are the two huge sexy dragons mated to Harper Boyd. Of course they have their own hang ups but they don’t allow that to prevent them from treating Harper with the respect and affection of a queen even when she is feeling catty and mean. There are good sides to Harper though, when you look past her short comings you see that she has a large capacity to love and adapt to her surroundings.
Great romance of aliens shape shifting into big scary dragons. One thing that I don’t understand is why she picked apart love-at-first-sight. Of course I know love-at-first-sight is meant for great movies and stories… And the reason why they make such great stories lines I believe is because we follow the love story as they overcome great obstacles and their love for each other grows deeper.
Other than that mark against love-at-first-sight is a wonderful read that I think sci-fi lovers & romance lovers would love Draekon Mate. If you want to check out their new and previous works and learn more about them please check out their websites Lee Savino and Lili Zander.
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The Nicest Nightmare

Imagine waking up, held captive in a room with an unknown alien, being prodded with a huge stick like you are road kill on an abandoned street. Of course the first reaction would be instinctual, defend yourself from the unknown would-be attacker. Only upon opening your eyes you see a frightened weak human alien showing off “the goods” in a skimpy negligée.  Continue reading “The Nicest Nightmare”

The Khyma: Taken Part One By Poppy Rhys

The scene is set when a best friend duo, Willa and Tosh hit the scene and steal themselves hired guns better known as Khymas the protectors. The first step of many crossed lines Willa will do to get her stolen family heirloom back.
Kyran and his pack brothers (Khymas) are meant to protect Willa. Fortunately for them Willa can and will fight her own battles. “Owning” people goes against Willa moral code so she assuages her guilt by taking care of the pack of Khymas under her care. And when late night rolls around she takes one special pack member Kyran under her wing.

As she goes along trying to get back her family heirloom she and Kyran grow closer together.

This book is action packed from start to finish. I would recommend this book for fun reading, because it was fun reading this book. If you hear a but in the last sentence it’s because you are right. This book is lacking any type of literature depth. Poppy Rhys went into details about the Khymas, which is great but she should have used those details in different scenes in the book. Rhys explained how they had a great sense of smell that they can smell emotions and track a scent through an ongoing storm but didn’t have them use it. I am really disappointed that she didn’t use the Khymas more in a fighting sense. Neither did Rhys have a huge fight scene for the Khymas except for a tiny part in the beginning with the peacekeepers. Willa and Tosh did most of the fighting which is good for her bad ass heroine but not so much Kyran, the leading male role. If she had even out the fight scenes to include the Khymas or Kyran more it wouldn’t have degraded their value in my eye. Now on a subconscious level I am thinking “Is the Kyran or the Khymas really a big deal”?

The Khyma: Taken Part One is the fourth book in the Women of Dor Nye series. The Incuabri: Taken Part Two is out already and I am looking forward to the next book despite the not so great things I had to say about The Khyma: Taken Part One, because this was a fun enjoyable read.

Please get a copy today and immerse yourself in the world of Women of Dor Nye by Poppy Rhys. Here is an Amazon link to the book, The Khyma: Taken Part One 

And if you want to check out previous works from Poppy Rhys check out her goodreads page, Poppy Rhys

Or if you already read it tell me what you thought about the book, whether you agreed with my review or not, leave a comment.

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